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Students’ Clubs

As an effort to encourage and facilitate the creation of student organizations, “Técnico Students’ Clubs” platform was developed, allowing, with a low bureaucratic effort, small groups of students to create teams officially recognized by IST. These clubs will have access to:

  • Resources, such as IST spaces and support for activities
  • Recognition as “Técnico Students’ Club”

From entrepreneurship to computing, you can create a club where your idea can go even further!


In order to proceed with the application, you must take into account the following points:

  1. The application form must be submitted;
  2. The club must be, unless justified, composed exclusively of Técnico’s students;
  3. The club must have a minimum of 3 students;
  4. The group can have the collaboration of one or more teachers from Técnico.


There will be two admission periods for new clubs:

Regular period:

  1. Submission of applications: Until 4 of October 2019
  2. Analysis of applications and meetings with NPE: 4 to 18 of October 2019
  3. Publication of results: Until 25 of october 2019

Second period:

  1. Beginning of the second semester. The dates will be published in a timely manner


Find here the Regulation document where it is detailed all the necessary information for the registration, proper functioning and fulfillment of duties.

Application form

Follow this link to find the application form: Form


More information: Daniel Nunes (