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TecInnov – Support the Development of Innovative Ideas

Técnico has been developing a strategy to promote the creation of value among all its academic community, investing on innovation and entrepreneurship as a catalyst of technology transfer and enhancing the quality of research and training carried out at Técnico.

Students, researchers and teachers will be the main wealth generators and the knowledge and skills acquired at Técnico are an advantage. They have been playing an important role in an increasingly global and competitive market.

In this context, and bearing in mind the importance of creating a framework to encourage innovation, Técnico was created a Regulation to provide support for the development of innovative ideas – TecInnov.

Assignment Criteria

The projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Competence and suitability of the team
  • Project feasibility and innovation
  • Economic potential and robustness of the business model
  • Technology Development Status and “time-to-market”
  • Financial support requested and budget

TecInnov Innovation Challenges




More information:

Transfer Technology Office

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