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Are you into developing creative technological solutions?

The TecInnov Santander Innovators’ Challenge 2020 is a competition that will challenge you to develop a project to solve problems of specific banking themes, specially designed for the Técnico community.

 Your team can be selected for funding and you will have 5 months to build and test a solution to a problem in one of the challenge’s thematic areas.


Apply until May 3rd!

TecInnov regulation and application form here.

Target audience

Teams composed primarily of members from Técnico academic community, such as students, professors and researchers.

Each team can submit an application/project.

Thematic Areas

In the 1st edition of Santander Innovators’ Challenge of TecInnov, preference will be given to the following topics:

  • Variability in the perception of thermal comfort of employees in open office spaces and compatibility of employee confort;     
  • Preventive maintenance of AVAC units and equipment;     
  • Management of the secrets of the counter vault;
  • Management of garage spaces in a company that takes into account employee absences (e.g. vacations, medium-term trips, planned absences);     
  • Management of fixed / physical work stations for employees and external consultants;     
  • Registration of a customer’s experience and interactions in a physical agency in a similar way to what is done in online banking;     
  • Indoor location of consumers to offer personalized products or services in real time;     
  • Use of data analysis in the banking context;     
  • Innovative products and services for the future of banking.


  • Applications deadline – April 19th 2020  until 3:00 pm of May 3rd 2020;
  • Information Session: April 21st 2020, 5:30pm (Videocall);
  • Evaluation of applications /Pre-selection – from May 3rd to May 17th 2020;
  • Pitch: short presentations of pre-selected applications – from 25th to 29th of May 2020 (Videocall);
  • Results – till June 9th 2020;
  • Proof of Concept implementation – until October 31st 2020.

Support values

In 1st Edition of TecInnov Santander Innovators’ Challenge 2020 , support will be to a maximum of € 5,000.00 (five thousand Euros) for each selected project, for a total of € 20,000.00 (twenty thousand Euros).


More information

TecInnov regulation and application form here.


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