Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Transferência de Tecnologia do IST


The E.Awards@Técnico will take place this Fall to reward the best projects developed in the scope of Entrepreneurship Courses using an experiential learning methodology. All the students attending Entrepreneurship Courses during the 1st semester 2018/2019 will be eligible for this competition.  The participating courses are:

  • Technology-Based Entrepreneurship (EBT-MEGE)
  • Technology-Based Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurship (EBT-MEGI)
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (EITT-MEEC)
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (EITT-MEQ)
  • Product Development and Entrepreneurship (DPE-MEMec)
  • Entrepreneurship in Bioengineering (EB-MEBiol)

More information about these courses.