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Some of the most successful technology companies in Portugal began at Técnico.

Técnico has been developing a strategy to promote students’ innovative character and entrepreneurial spirit. The IST Spin-Off® community was created in November 2009, to publicise success stories in business field began in some manner within the school’s wall. To promote collaborations and relationships between companies with school-related origins, to strengthen these companies’ links with Técnico, and to encourage students and researchers to create even more companies are other goals of the community.

The IST Spin-Off® is a national trade mark registered by Técnico, and IST Spin-Off® members are allowed to use the mark in accordance with established protocols.

To be part of this community apply through the application form and you will be contacted afterwards.
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IST Spin-Off® Community: 60 current members


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Members of IST Spin-off Community

Action Modulers – Consultadoria de Segurança, Lda.

ACTION MODULERS is a Portuguese consulting company, mainly focused on numerical modeling, development of technological solutions and safety planning services. ACTION MODULERS emerged in early 2004 with the mission to provide high quality consulting services. Through a strong connection to the university environment, the company continuously participates in scientific and technological development achieving a high level of skills. ACTION MODULERS is composed of elements from various branches of engineering and management, developing work in close collaboration with the client, thus allowing achieving successfully all proposed objectives. Since its funding, ACTION MODULERS is continuously participating in national and international research projects, which allows the company to offer always state of the art solutions. Over the last years ACTION MODULERS has built a set of strong relationships with universities and other companies, on national and international level. The company has two main business areas: (i) Research and Development and (ii) Safety Planning. This document focuses on the Research and Development area. Est. 2004

 AGORA Systems

We had a simple dream: build a reference company in computer vision technology. Our intention was to create the most suitable solutions for video surveillance and image processing in a demanding market looking for quality without compromise. In the last ten years we deployed the most demanding security solutions for end-users such as the Portuguese Central Bank, the Portuguese Armed Forces, the highway operator Brisa, Portugal Telecom, and we reached 25% of market share in Shopping Center security technology.
Since 2012, we’ve been developing AGORA – a groundbreaking IoT ready software adopted by large organizations such as banks, critical infrastructures and multinational organizations. Est. 2001

Albatroz Engenharia, S.A.

Alfredo Real Estate Analytics

Alfredo Real Estate Analytics is a Portuguese startup that aggregates data from all major real estate data providers (real estate agencies, listing websites, etc). Correlate this data with metrics from the National Institute of Statistics and real transaction prices, and train a statistical model using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. Est. 2018

ANDITEC – Tecnologias de Reabilitação, Lda.

ANDITEC is a 25 year old Company totally dedicated to Assistive Technology (AT) for persons with disabilities, mainly in the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Special Interfaces for ICT, Environmental Control and Mobility. ANDITEC has been involved in research and development Projects in Assistive Technology at national as well as international (namely European) levels. ANDITEC also provide advanced training of professionals and assessment of patients in AT, through its team composed by specialized experts in the field. Est. 1991

Ao Sol – Energias Renováveis, S.A.

Bana Consulting, Lda.

BANA Consulting is an IST spin-off created in 2006. We deal with Decision Support Models in the frontiers of engineering and management. Our aim is to help managers and decision-makers in profit and non-profit organizations to face the difficult tasks of evaluating and selecting strategic options, prioritise projects and allocate recourses. Our models consistently balance costs, benefits and risks gaining commitment by a wide constituency of stakeholders. BANA offers process consultation expertise developed both on face-to-face decision conferences and on web-based participatory platforms. Our platforms are created in-house and are all customisable for each client’s needs and problems. Est. 2006

Bioteca, S.A.

Biotrend – Inovação e Engenharia em Biotecnologia, S.A.

Biotrend is a research-based company which develops efficient and sustainable industrial processes aiming at the production of bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels from renewable raw materials. Est. 2000

C2C New Cap

C2C-NewCap was founded in 2014 to solve this problem by bringing a new Electric Double Layer Capacitor – EDLC or   Supercapacitor – to the energy storage and energy conversion market, the C2C-NewCap.This technology holds a large range of applications from Heavy Truck engine cranking and hybrid traction passenger vehicles to wind turbine pitch control or even utility grid peak shaving.

The successful market application of the C2C-NewCap technology will mean more on-time deliveries, less fuel consumption, carbon emissions and air pollution and, ultimately, the end of jumper cables for trucks and buses. C2CNewCap will also expand existing batteries lifespan and reduce use of lead-acid battery – which are hazardous and strongly pollutant – and reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and fuel consumption in Heavy Duty Vehicles. Est. 2014

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The history of the company dates back to 2005, with a group of engineers from the Institute of Telecommunications, University of Lisbon. This team created the BITalino, a low-cost toolkit that allows anyone from students to professional developers to create projects and applications with physiological sensors. Launched officially on August 15th, 2013, it is scattered throughout the world, including world renowned institutions such as the MIT, Stanford University and the University of Florida. BITalino was licensed to a private portuguese company.
The company CardioID was founded in April͛ 2014, has won already distinguished awards: 2014 BES Acredita Portugal award for Best Innovation, the 2014 Lisbon Awards for Best Technology. Its breakthrough CardioWheel solution has gained worldwide recognition, with several interested market technology suitors, including top automotive supplier Bosch which has chosen to exclusively work with CardioID in seeing CardioWheel successfully exploitation and commercialization.
The company team is formed by engineers in the critical areas of the company – biomedicine, electronics and data analysis, and also includes an economist with +15 years of consolidated experience in the electronics and automotive industry, responsible for the conduct of business and marketing strategy.
CardioID has successfully applied and received funding from the SOUL-FI accelerator program, provided by the EC, to grow its innovative CardioWheel as a whole drive safe and secure system for vehicle drivers and recently awarded with a national funded project subject to “smart mobility”. With this newest project we will enhance the technology behing de acquisition of biosignals on bike hand grip (the same kind of sensor employed at CardioWheel), an opportunity to CardioID enlarge its data acuracy on its technology. Est. 2014



Chilltime is a Technology and Product Innovation company, which builds solutions within the B2C segment. We develop and commercialize in-house products (video games and apps), as well as conceptualize, build and grow products in joint-ventures as a technology partner. Est. 2007.


Clynx is a healthcare technology startup based in Lisbon, Portugal. We develop heath solutions using gamification and digitalization to improve the quality and experience of Physiotherapy. Est. 2018

Codacy (Qamine)

Coreworks, S.A.

Coreworks S.A. is a provider of Intellectual Property cores for digital signal processing. Coreworks’ products rely on SideWorks, a patented technology for creating reconfigurable hardware accelerators, used in smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, HD/UHD TV, etc. Est. 2001. Closed 2017.

Eptune Engineering

EPTUNE is a start-up that develops engineering products and services for the Aerospace and Wind industries, providing solutions for blade repairs and for orbital satellite manoeuvring. Est. 2018

FrontWave – Engenharia e Consultadoria, S.A.

Gatewit – Construlink, S.A.

GetSocial, S.A.


HeartGenetics is in the business of developing new certified high-tech software tools and genetic tests that make genetic data actionable and integrated with the current medical doctors knowledge about diseases, therapeutics and medical guidelines. In a nutshell, we have developed a “digital geneticist” and cost-effective genetic devices, to assist Hospitals, Labs and MDs improve diagnosis and health. The innovative, unique and easy to use reporting system, HEARTDECODE®, allows providers of genetic tests (hospitals and genetic testing laboratories) to perform comprehensive, much simpler to read and more straight to the point reports, supporting accurate diagnosis, prognosis, risk stratification and drug prescription. HEARTDECODE® works with a set of genetic testing kits that can be used in Obstetrics, Cardiology, CardioOncology and Pharmacogenetics. Est. 2013

Hidromod – Modelação em Engenharia, Lda.

HIDROMOD provides consultancy and operational services to support maritime and coastal activities, urban water management and watershed management. In these fields of activity, the company has extensive knowledge of numerical modelling tools, data management and forecast services. It has worked in different seas and continents of the world and has a significant R&D and innovation investment, in cooperation with several universities and Institutes. Its main clients are Consultancy companies, Port Authorities, water and energy Utilities, Public Administration and International Organizations. Internally developed a platform for data management and numerical models (AQUASAFE) which was awarded by IWA in 2012. Est 1992

IdMind — Engenharia de Sistemas, Lda.

Infortucano, Lda.

Infosistema – Sistemas de Informação, S.A.

Infosistema acts in Technology and business consulting for Banking and Insurance sectors, Industry and public administration, developing business support portals and BPM and Workflow solutions. With over 20 years of experience, projects in more than 8 countries and more than 120 Team members with more than 200 technical certifications, as in project management (PMP), we claim ourselves as an agile, flexible and innovative company capable of providing value to the most challenging and demanding needs of our customers. We are ertified by ISO 9001:2008 and acknowledged as PME Excelência 2013 (excellence SME). Est. 1996

iNok – Noksys informática, S.A.


Innuos was founded with the vision that you don’t need to sacrifice sound quality nor be a technology wizard to enjoy the convenience of Digital Music at your fingertips. Innuos is now a leading brand in the digital Hi-Fi Music Server market through our award-winning Zen Mk2 Music Servers for both their sound quality and ease-of-use.Est. 2009 SA)

European tech recruitment marketplace. We matchmake tech professionals with the right opportunities using human curation powered by AI. Est. 2013

Life Emotions, Lda.

Life Emotions is a company specialized in designing and developing custom home solutions. Our projects are developed with commercial and technological partners and universities. Excellence, exclusivity and innovation are main values that we carry to each project to accomplish our customer specific requirements. This gives our customers unforgettable and amazing experiences. Est. 2009

Lusospace, Lda.

LusoSpace is a company that develop, produce and qualify space equipment for satellites, mainly on the field of optoelectronics, MEMS and navigations Sensors. Our main customers are ESA – European Space Agency, AIRBUS and Thales Alenia Space. Est. 2002



Magnomics is a diagnostics technology company committed to delivering a new generation of rapid, portable molecular “lab on a chip” diagnostic tests with broad applications in the human health, veterinary, and food industry markets. The initial application will be in the dairy industry, for the identification of bovine mastitis causing pathogens on site. Est. 2013

MIND – Software Multimédia e Industrial, S.A.

NWC – Network Concept, Lda.

Off7, Lda.

Orange Bird

Orange Bird manages PPL, the reference reward-based crowdfunding platform in Portugal, targeted at cultural and entrepreneurial campaigns. It also develops and manages custom made solutions for third-party entities, with client in Portugal and abroad. Est 2011

PETsys – Medical PET Imaging Systems, S.A.

Plux – Engenharia de Biosensores, Lda.

Priberam Informática, S.A.


Prodsmart is real-time analytics for production lines and job shops. We turn every factory into a digital smart factory. It’s a cloud manufacturing execution system that uses mobile devices to collect data directly from the shop-floor, eliminating paper and providing real-time analytics that allow for waste reduction and efficiency improvements. Est. 2015

Reverse Engineering, Lda.

Seedrs Limited

selfTech – Engenharia de Sistemas e Robótica, Lda.

SiliconGate, Lda.

SIQuant – Engenharia do Território e Sistemas de Informação

SISCOG – Sistemas Cognitivos, S.A.

Spin.Works, Lda.


TECMIC – Tecnologias de Microelectrónica, S.A.

TECMIC belongs to a portuguese industrial group that designs, develops, industrialises and markets IT and electronics systems for the command, control, surveillance and management of teams, operations, means and occurrences, for terrestrial and maritime environments. Est. 1988


Terraprima – Serviços Ambientais, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.

Thought Creator, Lda.


Tradiio is a music platform that enables artists to create a subscription page and generate monthly revenue from their fans. Artists ask for a specific amount of money per month and give rewards in return. Est. 2014

UAVision Engenharia de Sistemas, Lda.

UAVision has been developing UAV’s with proven experience and accumulated knowledge since2005. UAVision has experts in the development, production and marketing of fixed-wing andmulti-rotors (quad / hex / octo-copter systems) for various applications and also in themanufacturing and of ocean instrumented buoys for monitoring of sea water and environmentalparameters. At present Uavision has UAV’s operating in four continents. Est. 2005

Unbabel. Lda.

VoiceInteraction – Tecnologias de Processamento da Fala, S.A.

Waterways, Lda.

WS Energia, Lda.

Xpand IT

Xpand IT was created in the end of 2003 by two tech-savvy’s Marco Oliveira and Pedro Gonçalves. Their goal was to create a great company, with a highly specialized team in leading edge software areas and technologies, that was able to inspire others to achieve amazing results. With a team of +150 experts and using a disruptive model / approach comparing to the traditional IT Consulting & System Integrator’s, we have helped thousands of companies and teams all around the world to bring amazing IT projects to life. Est. 1993


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