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Banco BPI Social Inovation

Target audience:

Teams composed primarily of members from IST academic community (students, professors and researchers), preferably within the scope of the activities in the Social Innovation Laboratory.

Each team can submit an application/project.

Thematic Areas:

  • Improvement of life senior quality  (> = 65 years);
  • Social improvement in emerging countries;
  • Support for disadvantaged local communities;
  • Support for people with special needs;
  • Gender equality and minority groups.


  • Applications deadline – from February 17th 2019 until March 17th 2019;
  • Evaluation of applications /pre-selection – from 18th to 22nd of March 2019;
  • Pitch: short presentations of pre-selected applications – from 25th to 29th of March 2019;
  • Results – till April 12nd 2019;
  • Proof of Concept implementation – until October 31st 2019.

Support values:

In TecInnov Social Innovation – 1st Edition Banco BPI, support will be to a maximum of € 2.500 (two thousand and five hundred euros) for each selected project, for a total of € 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred euros).

Results of the 1st Edition of TecInnov Banco BPI – Social Innovation

The following projects were selected:

Name of the Projet Project Manager Amount of Support
MUSISTAS – Musica tradicional no IST ao serviço da Ação Social Ana Falcão Flor 2.000,00€
DETU – Degrau Elevatório para Transportes Urbanos Pedro Saldanha Ramos 1.480,00€
Firewatch Gabriela Almeida Gomes 1.000,00€


More information:


TecInnov regulation and application form here.

Rita Joana Silva:

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