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Workshops CoCriação GALP#RoadtoTecInnov2023

GALP is one of the most important companies in the energy sector in Portugal and, as such, seeks to respond to the challenges that society and the energy industry face.

To stimulate creativity through the sharing of ideas, Galp, in partnership with Técnico, invites all students at the school to participate in this co-creation workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn techniques and methodologies to tackle a problem from various perspectives, and in groups, with other students and Galp employees, use your skills to create solutions and new ideas.

May 8th | 2 pm – 5:30 pm | Istart White Room (Mathematics Pavilion, floor -1, Campus Alameda)

For this workshop, 4 challenges will be presented, identified by Galp, and of particular relevance for the company and strategy for the future.


  • Battery Reuse
  • Improve customer experience and prevent shoplifting in cashier-less stores
  • Distributed hydrogen production challenges
  • A tool for cost/benefit analysis of large scale energy storage solutions


9:30 –  Welcome
10:00 – Problem definition
11:00 –  Break
11:30 –  Sketch the solution –  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
12:30 – Visit the gallery
13:00 – End

This initiative is part of the preparation of the next edition of TecInnov – contest for innovative ideas | NOS edition (more information about TecInnov here).

For questions and concerns, contact .

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