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Lab2Market@Técnico 2020

Lauching Session | January 30th – 2:30pm | Room Q01 (Alameda Campus) – Registration here


Lab2Market@Tecnico is an innovation acceleration program, on each edition of the program will include 4 to 6 teams of up to 5 members including faculty, researchers, PhD and Master students.

Each team must:

  • Expert in an innovative technology in the any area;
  • Have a clear market orientation and willingness to innovate.

The 2020 edition will have the support of i-Deals and Everis Portugal that will provide a total of 250 hours of business mentoring to the selected projects.

This edition will run from January 2020 until the end May 2020.


  • Applications deadline – January 13th 2020 until February 16th 2020
  • Launching Session – January 30th 2020
  • Pitch: short presentations of pre-selected applications – February 27th 2020
  • Results – from 2nd to 6th of March 2020
  • Workshop – March 12th2020
  • On to One Meeting – March 12th2020
  • First 4 week working period – 16th March – 10th April 2020
  • Follow-Up Meeting – April 23rd 2020
  • Second 4 week working period – 27th April  to 22nd of May 2020
  • Final Pitch presentation – May 28th 2020

Application to the program HERE

Projects Lab2Market@Técnico 2020:

Project R&D Center Project Manager
Twionore – Method for Stem Cell Line/s production iBB João Manuel Carreira
Cathpro – Dry reforming and enhanced absorption water gas-shift reaction for bio-H2 production with in situ CO2 capture CQE Paula Teixeira
DETU MEGI Pedro Saldanha Ramos
ASPIR – Antibiotic Screening Platform with InfraRed spectroscopy iBB Bernardo Ribeiro da Cunha
SCH – Science for cultural heritage C2TN Victoria Corregidor


Online Video of Launching Session – Here



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