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Deimos Merit Award in Aerospace Engineering

DEIMOS recognizes IST as a prestigious higher education institution that maintains high ethical and quality standards in teaching that it ministers and has an interest in fostering the excellence of future IST graduates.

In order to support an award of academic merit in the field of Aerospace Engineering, framing the mission of the company and its areas of expertise, being today a reference company in the European space sector.

Target audience and application conditions

All the students enrolled in the Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering (MEAer) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM) are candidates for the DEIMOS Merit Prize in Aerospace Engineering.

Essential requirements

  1. The DEIMOS award in Aerospace Engineering is awarded to the student that have completed with the highest “final mark” of the master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering (MEAer) in the previous academic year. “Final grade” means the average calculated by the IST Academic Area up to the hundredths.
  2. In case there are equal final notes the prize is equally divided among the candidates.


  1. Monetary prize to be given to students, amounting to € 2100 (two thousand and one hundred euros);
  2. Donation of two annual GRANADA software licenses (simulation of satellite navigation systems) for the improvement of education quality, worth € 10,000 (ten thousand euros);


The jury is chaired by MEAer Coordinator and are part of it:

  1. the MEAer Coordination Committee;
  2. one or two representatives of DEIMOS.

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