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Vodafone Merit Award in em Wireless Mobile Networks

PITCH Projects 2021/2022Ambient MonitorSmart GarbageSmart VaseWater MonitoringBee Easy

Vodafone  awards an academic merit award to the best team of the C.U Wireless Mobile Networks 2020/2021 of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of IST.

Target audience and application conditions

All IST students enrolled in the Machine Learning C.U, specifically the teams formed within the discipline, with a maximum of 3 elements each.

Selection Criteria

  • Teams will be selected for the final pitch, in the end of the semester.
  • The selected teams for the pitch will be ranked according to classification obtained in the project developed within the scope of the discipline, from among the teams whose elements have obtained a classification in the Final Exam of the Course (regular evaluation period) minimum of 9.5 values.
  • Up to 10 teams will be selected for the final pitch..
  • In the final phase, the jury will evaluate each team based on the 10-minute pitch (+ 5 minutes of Q&A), with the following criteria:
    a) Project execution;
    b) Innovative component;
    c) Presentation of results;
    d) Communication skills.
  • At the end of July or September, the teams selected for Pitch will be informed.
  • In the week following the completion of the final pitch, the results must be publicly disclosed.


  1. Monetary prize, to be given to Student, amounting to € 1.310 (one thousand and three hundred and ten euros);
  2. Donation for the improvement of the education quality, in the amount of  873€ (eight hundred and seventy three euros).


The jury must be composed of more than one IST member, so that they have a majority of the votes.

See regulation of the respective academic year for more information.


Edition Project Team Price
2020/2021 SmartMirror Lourenço Banza Tourais  e Guilherme da Costa Lopes 1.310,00€
2021/2022 Smart Vase João Rocheteau 1.310,00€
PITCH Projects 2020/2021Smart-Lock; Mobile Air Quality Measurement with GPS Stamp; Smart COMF; Smart Intelligent Irrigation of House Plants; Smart Mirror.


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