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Técnico Summer Internships

The internships programme provides experience outside of the classroom, and the students have a chance to explore a particular field and to gain valuable work experience.

The Técnico Summer Internships 2024 program has begun. Access the Técnico Job Bank here and submit your company’s internship offer.

The Técnico Summer Internships initiative celebrates 12 years in 2024. During this period more than 1700 students underwent a summer internship under this program, with 80% doing so in the last 4 years, denoting the initiative growth. In 2020 we had more than 200 summer internship offers and 2615 applications for these offers from about 516 of our students, which is indicative of the evolution and current dynamics of the program.

Important deadlines:

  • Submission of internship offers: until April 12th
  • Student applications: April 15th to May 5th
  • Communication of Results: until May 17th
  • Signature of Contracts: until May 31st
  • Summer internships: preferably June 3rd to August 31st, 2024

The Técnico Summer Internships initiative runs between July and September, providing not only an opportunity for our students to have a first professional experience, but also a way to give companies the contact with a new generation of talents.

  • Where and how can publish the summer internships? Técnico Job Bank platform. (the duration of which, we suggest, whether it is between June 3rd and August 31st, 2024).
  • What is the duration of the summer internship? Experience from participating companies in previous editions has shown that engaging with our students during the 4 to 8 week internship period offers immediate benefits for both parties and has served as the basis for future relationships.
  • What are the most attractive offers for Técnico students? The proposals should be attractive and appropriate to the profile of our students, allowing not only to make this experience more interactive and knowledge generating stage, but also to create potential ambassadors of your company with the students of the Técnico.
  • What is the internship scholarship? There is no mandatory internship to be paid, but we advise to pay an internship scholarship, as well a meal and/or transportation allowance to support the student’s internship costs. In addition, it can be a differentiating and attractive factor in attracting the best students.
  • And internship contract? They can count on the support of Técnico in the accomplishment of an internship contract that allows the integration of the student in your company.

The role of Técnico Students Organizations’ :

Técnico Students Organizations’ have as main objective the dynamization of different activities that aim to reinforce the development of competences of the Técnico students, playing a fundamental role in the dynamization and promotion of the Técnico Summer Internships initiative. The ISTSI team brings together the following groups of Técnico students to boost and promote this initiative:

AeroTéc | Fórum Civil | Fórum Mecânica | N3E | NAEN | NEB | NEBM | NEEA | NEECIST | NEEGI | NEIIST | NEQIST | NFIST | NMATH | NucleAR | NUMIST

More Information:

Corporate Partnerships Unit

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