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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Policy of IST

IST has an Intellectual Property Policy that was approved by its President on July 15th, 2010, and officially published on August 9th. The contents of this policy are important for all of IST’s collaborators (students, professors, researchers and other employees) as well as for all entities that interact with the School.


IST has a set of internal procedures to manage its Intellectual Property Portfolio.

Anytime inventors disclose an invention, creation or software whose ownership belongs, totally or partially, to IST and for which there is a possibility of economic exploitation, the first step is to communicate the invention, creation or software by filling in the Invention Disclosure Form.

Following the complete submission of the Disclosure Form,  inventors start an interaction with TT@IST which involves several steps, namely:

  1. Analysis of IST’s interest in protecting the disclosed invention, creation or software;
  2. In case IST decides to protect: preparation of the text and management of the application (e.g. patent submission);
  3. Commercialization of the invention, creation or software using an existing company or through the creation of a spin-off.
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