Huawei Seeds for the Future 2015

1st Edition on Summer 2015 (on-going)


12 Portuguese students from three Portuguese universities, 4 IST Students, with focus ICT matters will be sent to China by Huawei

  • Immersion in Chinese culture – 5 days in BeijingHuawei2
  • Learning about Huawei’s international culture, strategy and values
  • Technological information exchange from some of the finest professionals in the industry
  • Experience Huawei’s dynamic business environment in China

The Programme

  • Dates: 19th July – 1st August 2015
  • 5 days cultural immersion course at the Beijing where students could experience Traditional Chinese Culture
  • 8 days visit to Huawei’s HQ in Shenzhen, where students are receiving information about Huawei products and solutions, experiencing life in Huawei’s F1 Exhibition Centre, Logistics Centre, R&D labs and factory
  • All travel costs (flight ticket, accommodation, food) will be covered by Huawei

Who can Participate? Huawei.1png

Student Profile

  • be a Portuguese passport holder
  • frequency of a degree in Telecommunications issues (3rd or 4th Year)
  • be in the age between 18 and 24
  • have a strong interest in telecoms and technology issues
  • be fluent in English (main language)

Selection Method

  1. Grade average + Curriculum Vitae– 60%
  2. Innovation and creativity of the motivation video – 30%
  3. Final interview – 10%

How can I participate?Huawei.2png

Apply by submitting:

  • application form
  • submit CV and current grades
  • motivational video – inspired by technology & innovation

Note:  Videos will be uploaded in any storage platform in the Internet, in the user account chosen by the applicant: YouTube,,Vimeo or any other video storage platform. Applicants must give the embed code needed to be inserted in a webpage.

Applications until 2nd of June

Submit Applications: Dr.ª Vera Lemos,

Huawei Contacts


Telephone: 217 828 440

More Information:

NPE: Dr.ª Carlota Santos Silva,


METI: Prof. Paulo Ferreira

LETI: Prof. Rui Valadas