Partner Network: Técnico and Feedzai renew protocol and award 4 Women in Science scholarships to students

On 25 October, the company renewed its protocol with Instituto Superior Técnico and recognised the excellent academic career of four students, promoting the role of women in science.

On 25 October, Feedzai renewed its protocol within the Técnico Partner Network, at a ceremony held at the company’s headquarters.

Rogério Colaço, president of Instituto Superior Técnico, began the ceremony by thanking Feedzai and emphasising the importance of renewing this collaboration protocol: “It makes me happier to be here renewing this protocol than signing it for the first time, because it means that this collaboration has gone well and that we can continue to count on this relationship with Feedzai”. The president of Técnico also stressed that the Network currently has 25 partners, which is an added value for Técnico and a valuable relationship with the business community.

“When we do things for the first time, we show that it’s possible. When we do it a second time, we’re creating a habit and that’s what we want to do, create a habit and promote this partnership and collaboration with Técnico,” highlighted Pedro Bizarro, CSO at Feedzai.

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