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Técnico Summer Internships

In order to increase the students’ availability for curricular enrichment activities, Técnico anticipated the end of the second semester exam period. One way to enrich your resume is to enrol in a summer internship within a company between the months of July and September.

Get Ready for the edition Técnico Summer Internships 2021!

Important deadlines:

  • Info Session online: April 7, 12h.
  • Student applications: April 16th to May 7th 2021. Apply here.
  • Communication of Results: until June 1st, 2021
  • Signature of Contracts: June 1st to June 30th, 2021
  • Summer internships: preferably July 6 to September 14, 2021

1. Importance of Summer Internships:

These internships will be important for students to get to know business reality as well as an opportunity for companies to contact students who skip part of their vacation to apply their knowledge and get in touch with a new environment. The integration in a work team, where daily there are new challenges, will complement the academic formation and can give new perspectives in the learning of the subjects.

2.Access to Summer Internship Offers: Apply for a summer internship through the Técnico Job Bank.

Apply for internship offers through Técnico Job BankAs the Técnico Summer Internships are coming, if you don’t have access to the Técnico Job Bank don’t waste any more time, follow the instructions to access the platform here and you will be ready!

3. ISTSI-Técnico Students’ Organizations:


4. Summer Internship Contract + School Insurance:

The regularization of the internships is done with the signature of a short term contract, that will allow the coverage by the School Insurance. The internship contract defines the duration of the internship, the start and end dates of the internship, the location and the work schedule, as well as the internship scholarship. The company must present a trainee plan with the identification of the supervisor and the definition of the objectives of the traineeship.

5. Evolution of Técnico Summer Internships:

The Técnico Summer Internships initiative celebrates 9 years in 2021. During this period more than 1500 students underwent a summer internship under this program, with 80% doing so in the last 4 years, denoting the initiative growth. In 2020 we had more than 200 summer internship offers and 2615 applications for these offers from about 516 of our students, which is indicative of the evolution and current dynamics of the program.

6. More information about Técnico Summer Internships:

Check the FAQ’s Here.  For other questions send us an e-mail: