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The Técnico Career Week is an annual event  that attracts leading consulting firms and top Portuguese and International companies. It consists corporate presentations to our students divided by  field of study.

Técnico Career Week Dates Fair
Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture 3 to 5 Mar 2021 JEamb, Environmental Engineering Fair
15 to 19 Mar 2021 JEC, Civil Engineering Fair
Computer Science and Applied Maths 1 to 5 Mar 2021 SINFO, Informatics Fair
Mechanical, Aerospace and Naval Engineering 1 to 5 Mar 2021 SA, Aerospacial Fair
9 to 10 Mar 2021 Conferência de Naval, Naval Engineering Fair
22 to 26 Mar 2021 MecanIST, Mechanical Engineering Fair
Telecommunication, Electronic and Industrial Managment Engineering (Taguspark) 1 to 3 Mar 2021 JEGI, Engineering and Industrial Management Fair
8 to 12 Mar 2021 SET, Business and Technological Fair
Electronic and Computers Engineering and Physics 15 to 17 Mar 2021 JEF, Physics Engineering Fair
15 to 19 Mar 2021 JEEC, Electrical and Computer Engineering Fair
Biological and Biomedicine Engineering and Biotechnology 8 to 12 Mar 2021 SBE, Bioengineering Fair
Chemical and Materials Engineering 15 to 18 Mar 2021 JEQ, Chemical Engineering Fair
15 Mar 2021 Maratona de Materiais, Materials Engineering Fair

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