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Técnico Career Sessions

Career-discovey-career sessions

What do I know about the recruitment processes?

Get ready for the recruitment processes and know more about Career Discovery@Técnico.

The Técnico Career Sessions are intended to all the Master Degree students, with the aim of presenting them the Career Discovery@Técnico programme and make them aware of the recruitment process.

These sessions happen in the Alameda campus and Taguspark and last 90 minutes, with a moment for discussion and clarify doubts in the end.

The programme of the sessions:

  • The importance of professional career planning;
  • The recruitment processes used by the companies and preparation of the candidates;
  • Provision of personal data for recruitment;
  • Presentation of the programme Career Discovery@Técnico and its calendar.
  • Clarification of doubts and questions about the recruitment process.

Last Edition:

October 3rd 2019 – “Técnico Career Sessions highlight the importance of preparing for the job market”

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