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Career-discovey-career sessions

What do I know about the recruitment processes?

Get ready for the recruitment processes and know more about Career Discovery@Técnico.

The Técnico Career Sessions are intended to all the Master Degree students, with the aim of presenting them the Career Discovery@Técnico programme and make them aware of the recruitment process.

These sessions happen in the Alameda campus and Taguspark and last 90 minutes, with a moment for discussion and clarify doubts in the end.

The programme of the sessions:

  • The importance of professional career planning;
  • The recruitment processes used by the companies and preparation of the candidates;
  • Provision of personal data for recruitment;
  • Presentation of the programme Career Discovery@Técnico and its calendar.
  • Clarification of doubts and questions about the recruitment process.

Técnico Career Sessions 2017

There will be four sessions, so you can choose the most suitable for you according to your schedule.  Limited number of seats. Apply Now!

26/09, Tuesday – 10:00-11:30h, Salão Nobre (Pavilhão Central, Alameda)28/09, Thursday [EN ] – 14:30-16:00h, Salão Nobre (Pavilhão Central, Alameda)

03/10, Tuesday – 14:30-16:00h, Salão Nobre (Pavilhão Central, Alameda)

04/10, Wednesday – 13:00-14:30, Room 0.65 (Taguspark)

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