Técnico Alumni Mentoring Program: Meeting between students and alumni marks the start of the 5th edition

The mentoring program had over 230 registered students and 150 alumni mentors from Técnico.

On October 24th, the Grand Auditorium of the Congress Center in the Civil Pavilion on the Alameda campus of the Instituto Superior Técnico hosted the launch of the 2023/2024 edition of the Técnico Alumni Mentoring Program. With over 80 participants, including mentors and mentees, the event marked the beginning of the 5th edition of the mentoring program, serving as the first contact and social gathering for all involved. This mentoring program spans an academic year, allowing Técnico students to receive advice from a Técnico alum, offering guidance on academic paths and support regarding the choices, paths, and challenges of each profession.

Miguel Allen, a mentor who participated in the 3rd and 4th editions of the program, emphasized the importance of the program at the event, describing it as “a unique opportunity to converse with individuals who are familiar with the job market and have already gone through the experiences that students are currently facing.” He also highlighted that he had mentored various types of students, stating, “Some students need a push, but I also think it’s important for the mentor to be proactive and draw attention to the significance of this opportunity in shaping future decisions.” Similarly, Miguel Lopes, a mentee from the 4th edition of the program, agreed with the ideas presented by Miguel Allen: “My mentor was always very present, proactive, and interested, so I decided to enroll again this year because I enjoyed the experience. He also emphasized the importance of students setting goals for the mentoring relationship and asking structured questions to mentors to make the most of their knowledge.

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