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Corporate Partnership

Talent and Technology in Técnico

Opportunities that can change the future of your company.

In Técnico we have a comprehensive vision of Technology Transfer that joins knowledge to the talents that put it into practice. TT@Técnico offers a wide range of opportunities to companies that want to join this vision.

We have a team ready to work with you!


A programme that promotes contact between companies and the students of the best engineering school in the country. We have over 1,500 companies involved in activities under this programme.

Scholarship Programmes

Several companies sponsor scholarship programmes designed with the aim of preventing money from being an obstacle to the development of talent.

Merit Awards

Merit awards are opportunities to distinguish the best of the best: the best dissertation, the best student in a discipline in a particular subject, or the best student in a program.

Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships

More and more companies are offering scholarships for Master’s or Doctoral Theses on subjects of their interest and with the possibility of monitoring the progress of the work of the Students and Professors.

Innovation Competitions and Awards

Innovation is part of the DNA of those who study and work at Técnico. Several companies benefit from this culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by offering prizes in competitions and innovation challenges organised by Técnico.

Support for Learning Spaces

Técnico has a wide area of learning spaces that support both the curricular laboratory components and the students’ extracurricular activities. Companies can support the improvement of these spaces, transmitting to the community the importance of practical training and the commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of Técnico’s graduates.

Student organisations and Clubs

Técnico currently has more than 50 student groups and clubs, involved in technological projects, sports and cultural activities, among many others. The growing number of companies that are associated with student initiatives and projects is a sign of the importance they give to the skills that these activities develop.

Pre-competitive Research Projects

Several companies engage with Técnico in pre-competitive Research projects, exploring technologies that could make a difference in the future.

Técnico Partner Network

It brings together the companies that maintain a continuous and structured partnership relationship with Técnico. These agreements have various dimensions including recruitment, talent development, innovation, social responsibility and the strategic conduct of Técnico. 14 companies are already part of this advantages programme.

Technology Transfer

Técnico has a portfolio of over 250 patents in its most varied areas of activity. Learn about those that are available for licensing.

For more information, you can consult our brochure or contact us by e-mail:

Business Partnership Centre


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