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Scholarships for Students

The recognition of the decisive role that is attributed to universities, both in the knowledge economy and in the preparation of human resources capable of facing the challenges of competitiveness on a global scale, has incorporated in corporate partnerships a component dedicated to the development of more and better talents.

This component aims to involve partners in improving the quality of learning, increasing the training offer and the number of students.

In this context, Técnico, with some partners, has been creating scholarship programs, which aim to support the development of students with high academic potential in the various academic degrees.

These grants can either be focused on the topic of social responsibility, specifically for students who, due to socio-economic needs, do not have the means to defray the financial burden of their study cycles, or on the development of talent in specific areas.

Social responsibility grants are publicized and promoted through the Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Académico, the remaining grants can be consulted on this page.

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