Launch Pad to the E.Awards 2018

On November 29th, at 5 pm in Salão Nobre, will be held the Launch Pad, where projects developed in entrepreneurship courses will be presented. In this Launch Pad the student groups will present their posters. The main goal is to stimulate the students, to create an opportunity to meet other teams and their ideias, to receive feedback and to evolve their critical spirit.

Once entrepreneurship is a set of competences which need to be developed, the Launch Pad  on November 29th will count with the presence of two Técnico alumni that have built careers as entrepreneurs. An Alumni E.Stories will be the ideal thing to inspire the students that are competing for the E.Awards. Jaime Jorge (Codacy) and Rui Pedro Silva (C2C) will be important advisers.

In the end of this semester, the E.Awards@Técnico will distinguish the best entrepreneurship projects. On December 19th, the selected projects by the professors will pitch to a jury that will decide the winner team and give two honorable mentions.