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Técnico Business Cards

Leave a lasting impression on your potential employer by handing out your Técnico Student Business Card!

Under the Career Discovery@Técnico program, Técnico, in partnership with Santander Universidades, offers 100 business cards.

Técnico Business Cards – 10thEdition

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Students attending, with a view to obtaining a degree at IST:

  • 3rd year of a bachelor degree course.
  • Master’s degree course.
  • PhD course.


The attribution of business cards is carried out taking into account the following requirements:

1. Belong to the target audience.

2. Have as main email address the institutional address provided by Técnico ( *.

3. Have a registered mobile contact as the main contact in the Fénix information system.

4. Have data transfers active for the Técnico Job Bank platform **.

Steps and Deadlines

The ordering process for Técnico Business Cards will proceed as follows:

1. APPLICATION – until May 9th – Fill out the application form stating that you want to receive the cards and that you fulfill the requirements.

2. VALIDATION *** – until 16th, 2021
NPE will verify that you fulfill the requirements.
If you need to make changes in Fenix sistem, you will receive an email from TT@Técnico with instructions.

3. REGISTRATION – May 17th to 23th , 2021
As soon as we confirm that you fulfill the requirements, you will receive an email to formalize the order of the cards.

4. CARD PRODUCTION –  May 24th to June 11th, 2021
Sending the order of cards to the graphic for printing.

5. DELIVERY OF CARDS – June 2021
When your cards are ready, we will contact you again by e-mail, to inform you when and where you can pick up your cards.

 * If you do not have the institutional address available by Técnico (, as the principal you can make this change on the Fénix portal (Personal> Personal Area> Information). Don’t forget to forwarding your IST email to your usual email address (more information about forwarding or email from Técnico’s email account to a personal email: -the-electronic-mail-from-the-technical-email-account-to-a-personal-email). If you do not have the Technician email as preferred, we can change this change to the institutional email address through the Fénix information system, under -> Personnel -> Personnel Area-> Information

** You can make this change directly on the Fénix portal (Student> Consult> Data transfer -> Authorize data transfer to the Technical Job Bank platform or Authorize data transfer to the Technical Job Bank platform and employers).

*** by the Técnico Partner Network (TPN)

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