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McKinsey Merit Award in Complex Analysis and Differential Equations

A McKinsey annually awards an academic merit award to the best student of the U.C. Complex Analysis and Differential Equations (ACDE) the Mathematics Department of IST’s.

Target audience and application conditions

All the students enrolled for the 1st time in the 1st semester in u.c of ACDE in the various 1st cycle courses and IST integrated master’s degrees in each of the years students.

Essential requirements

  1. 1. Students will be graded according to their classification in the course unit in this semester;
  2. 2. The tie-breaking criterion should be the average of the classifications obtained in the curricular units of Linear Algebra, Differential and Integral Calculus I and II.


  • Monetary prize amounting to € 1.290 (one thousand and two hundred and ninety euros), to be given to Student;
  • Donation for the improvement of the education quality, in the amount of 860 € (eight hundred and sixty euros);


The jury must be composed of more than one IST member, so that they have a majority of the votes.

See regulation of the respective academic year for more information)

Winners McKinsey Merit Award in Complex Analysis and Differential Equations

Edition Student Name Award
2018/2019 Carolina Graça Valente Figueiredo 1.290,00€
2019/2020 Alexandre Marcelino Neves 1.290,00€
2220/2021 João Camarneiro 1.290,00€


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