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Student Merit Awards


The award of merit awards to IST students is a sign that the School values ​​excellence and encourages all students to seek it. These awards usually have names of former teachers or students who have excelled in the area in which the prize is awarded and are thus remembered to the current generations.

There has been interest on the part of companies in financially supporting prizes of academic merit in areas and with criteria relevant to their activity. This support allows the company to foster the excellence of future graduates from IST.

The purpose of this regulation is to define the conditions under which academic merit awards can be made. In addition to aspects relating to support conditions, contractual procedures and confidentiality, the regulation also lays down minimum values ​​for merit awards in order to give them the desired relevance. These amounts are defined based on the index of social support (IAS) that the State Budget Law for 2020 set at 438,81 euros. This index is also used to set the amount below which scientific premiums are exempt from IRS.


Support for merit awards is coordinated by IST’s Corporate Partnerships Center.

Any contact regarding this subject may be directed to:

Rita Joana Silva

Núcleo de Parcerias Empresariais do IST


Telefone: 218 419 900