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Create your company from technologies and knowledge generated at IST

Create your company

Some of the most successful national technology-based companies came from Técnico.

IST does not create companies.

Researchers, students and teachers are the ones who make the best use of what the School provides to them and transfer these skills to the market, taking risks, creating economic value for shareholders, creating jobs and showing, through their example, how relevant it can be the Transfer of IST Technology to the economic development of Portugal.

Fundamentally, these entrepreneurs make the knowledge generated at IST available to society. A very valuable service that they provide to the School and the country.

Técnico’s ambition is to become an international reference in the field of technology-based entrepreneurship, attracting motivated students, researchers and teachers to create companies in the global competitive context.

IST: Support for the creation of companies

IST has its own support mechanisms for students, researchers and teachers who want to create companies based on knowledge generated at IST. These services are related to IST’s intellectual property and may include:

  • Facilitating contacts with relevant agents, such as Investment Funds;
  • Drafting of intellectual Property exploitation contracts.

In order to use them, it is essential that the promoters know the IST’s Intellectual Property Policy, as well as the internal procedures of the School.

Técnico promoters can use the template prepared by TT@IST to present the project to entities dedicated to investing in technological start-ups.


In 2012 Instituto Superior Técnico supported the creation of a venture capital fund dedicated to IST entrepreneurs – ISTART fund. Currently, IST does not have venture capital funds.

There are several ways of accessing resources for starting and developing a company, which must be thoroughly explored by the promoters.

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