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Hitachi Merit Award in Data Integration and Analytics

Hitachi annually awards an academic merit prize to the students who are in the best group in the Data Analysis and Integration curricular unit of the Computer Engineering Department at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Target audience and application conditions

The Hitachi Prize in Data Analysis and Integration is open to all IST students enrolled in the course of Data Analysis and Integration (AID) and evaluated in the continuous component of the course, specifically the groups formed to carry out laboratorial works and projects.
New group formations (with elements from different groups in the curriculum phase) will not be allowed, but a group may participate even if some of its elements do not intend to compete for the prize.

Rules and Conditions

Teams will be ranked according to their final classification obtained in the continuous assessment component of the subject, as follows:

  • A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 groups will be selected for presentation before the company’s jury, from among the 10 best groups according to the classification obtained;
  • The selected groups will be invited to make a presentation about the project carried out within the discipline;
  • A day will be set for presentations before the prize jury, to take place after the end of the teaching part of the subject;
  • The groups present their work before the company in the order of their group number and without the jury knowing the curricular classification;
  • All group members who were involved in the making of the work and wish to apply for the award must actively participate in this presentation;
  • Within 72 hours after the presentation session, the jury will inform the group that will receive the merit award;
  • The award ceremony will be scheduled in accordance with the calendar of events, ceremonies and/or other celebrations, to be held at IST during the corresponding academic year.


  • Monetary prize, to be given to the winning group, in the amount of 1,600 euros (one thousand and six hundred euros);
  • Donation for the improvement of teaching quality, in the amount of 1,070.00€ (one thousand and seventy euros).


The jury should be composed of:

  • The teacher responsible for the curricular unit;
  • Other faculty member not involved in the discipline to be designated by IST;
  • A representative from the Company.


Edition Project Team Prize
2022/2023 Airports Data Warehouse António Pedro De Carvalho Elias 1.600€


Regulation is available in a Portuguese version.


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