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Engineer Fernando Ivo Gonçalves Merit Award

The Engineer Fernando Ivo Gonçalves Award was established in 2016 by an Agreement for the Support of the Academic Merit Award, concluded between the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and Doctor Nuno Eduardo da Silva Ivo Gonçalves, family representative of the Engineer Fernando Ivo Gonçalves, IST alumni.

Target audience and application conditions

All the students enrolled in the Integrated Master’s degree in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering (MEEC) of the Department of Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) who in the academic year of award are following the specialization in Energy (minimum 4 curricular units completed in the area of specialization of ​​energy) of MEEC.

Essential requirements

It will chosen the student with relevant use in the Fundamentals of Electrical Energy Curricular Unit (at least 4 U.C concluded in the specialization area of Energy), being specially weighted the writing of works on topics related to the professional career of the honoree and / or U.C. results.completed in the specialization area of Energy;


Monetary prize to be given to students, amounting to €3000 (three thousand euros);


The jury should be composed of more than one IST member and one representative of the Engineer Fernando Ivo Gonçalves family.

Winners of Engineer Fernando Ivo Gonçalves Merit Award

Edição Nome do Aluno
 2015/2016  João David Mendes Tomé
 2016/2017 Guilherme Marto Paraíso
2017/2018 Inês Lopes Rosa
2018/2019 Alexandre Miguel Venâncio Gouveia
2019/2020 Inês Reis Gaspar
2020/2021 Gonçalo Duarte Calado

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