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Deloitte Merit Award in Data Science

Deloitte Technology, S.Aannually awards an academic merit award to the best student of the C.U Data Science of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Target audience and application conditions

In the 2020/2021 edition, candidates for the Deloitte Merit Award in Data Science will be all IST students enrolled in UC Data Science.

Rules and Conditions

  1. Students will be ranked according to their classification in the curricular unit in that semester, up to the hundredths, and upon evaluation by the jury. 
  2. The tiebreaker criterion will be the grade obtained in the exam and, if there is a new tie, the grade obtained in the project.


  1. Monetary prize, to be given to Student, amounting to € 1.310 (one thousand three hundred and ten euros);
  2. Donation for the improvement of the education quality, in the amount of 873 € (eight hundred and seventy three euros).


The jury panel must be composed of more than one IST faculty member so that they have a majority of the votes.

In the 2020/2021 edition, the jury will be composed of:

  • Cláudia Antunes (IST)
  • Mário Gaspar da Silva (IST)
  • Tiago Pereira Durão (Deloitte)

(See regulation of the respective academic year for more information).


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