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Novabase Merit Award in Software Engineering

Allocation of an annual academic merit award to students who are part of the best team of the Software Engineering Curricular Unit of the Informatics Engineering Department  of IST.

Target audience

All IST students enrolled in the IST Software Engineering course are candidates for the Novabase Prize in Software Engineering, namely the teams formed within the scope of the discipline, with a maximum of 6 elements each.
No new team formations will be allowed (with elements of different teams in the curricular phase), but a team may participate, even if some of its members do not wish to compete for the prize by drawing up the extra project.

Assignment Criteria

The teams will be classified according to their final classification in the project to be developed in the discipline in the academic year in question, along with the classification in the different phases of the project, in the following terms:

  • Work deliveries are made within the scope of the curricular unit, in which the groups with the best results (1 group from each campus – Alameda and Taguspark) will be awarded with the support of Novabase employees, whose functions will be related in some way to the theme of ‘delivery’ concerned;
  • During the semester the topic of extra work is made public, and students who understand it, and in order to gather the conditions to continue in the selection process for the award of the merit award, should register their team for this phase;
  • During the semester, the date on which the extra work should be delivered, is made public, as well as the day on which the final pitch of the project should be carried out;
  • In the week following the completion of the final pitch, the public disclosure of the results shall be made;


  1. Monetary prize, to be given to students, amounting to € 1250 (one thousand two hundred and fifty euros);
  2. Donation for the improvement of the of education quality, in the amount of 850 € (eight hundred and fifty euros).


The jury must be composed of more than one IST member, so that they have a majority of the votes.

See regulation of the respective academic year for more information)

Winners  Novabase Merit Award in Software Engineering

Edition Project Team Prize
2017/2018 Extramile Bernardo Andrade, Ivan Zarro, João Almeida, José Ferrão, Nuno Bombico e Samuel Santos 1.250,00€
2018/2019 Travel Hub Francisco Mato, Pedro Custódio e Pedro Bernardo 1.250,00€
2019/2020 es20al_18  Daniel Seafim, Daniel Matos, João Dinis, Tiago Fonseca e Tomás Inácio 1.250,00€
AtLETIco F.C  Afonso Sousa, André Marques, João Achando, Miguel Franco, Oleksandr Stopchak e Ricardo Vaz 1.250,00€


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