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Jerónimo Martins Merit Award in Computer Science and Engineering

The Jerónimo Martins Group annually awards an academic merit award to the student with the best thesis/final project in the Master’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering, from the Computer Science Engineering Department of Instituto Superior Técnico.

Recipients and application conditions

In the 2nd edition, the candidates for the Jerónimo Martins Merit Award for best thesis in Computer Science and Engineering will be IST students preparing the final dissertation/project of the Master’s degree course in Computer Science and Engineering, in the academic year 2022/2023.

Selection criteria

The selection of candidates is carried out through the evaluation of the jury, in two stages:

  • 1st phase (academic component): students will be ranked according to the final grade of their Master’s dissertation, followed by other activities developed within the scope of the thesis (e.g. publications), and the first 5 will be selected to move on to the second phase;
  • 2nd phase (pitch component): each of the 5 selected students will make a 5 minute pitch, followed by 10 minutes of discussion, where content, potential impact on society and clarity of presentation will be valued.

Prize Value

  • Monetary prize, to be given to the students: 1st place – €1,800 (one thousand and eight hundred euros); 2nd place – €900,00 (nine hundred euros); 3rd place – €450,00 (four hundred and fifty euros);
  • Donation to improve the quality of teaching, in the amount of €1,200 (one thousand and two hundred euros).


The jury must be composed of more than one IST member, so that they have a majority of the votes.

See regulation of the respective academic year for more information.


For more information, consult the portuguese documents.

Winner Jerónimo Martins Merit Award in Computer Science and Engineering

Edition Name do Aluno Award
2021/2022 Gonçalo Rodrigues Alves Valente de Oliveira 1.800,00€
2022/2023 1º lugar – Miguel Alexandre Figueiredo Monteiro2º lugar – Rúben Miguel de Almeida Inácio

3º lugar – João Miguel Ferreira Oliveira




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