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European Innovation Academy

Do you know the value of innovation skills in your future?

European Innovation Academy (EIA) is an entrepreneurship education program where students from all over the world and from different areas will come together to work as a team and seek innovative solutions to real-world problems, using methodologies developed by partners like UC Berkeley, Stanford University and Google.

Técnico, with the support of Santander Universities, annually offer scholarships for the participation of its students in this initiative.

The 6th edition of EIA will take place from 16 July to 4 August  in the Porto city in Faculties of Economics and Engineering of the University of Porto.

With the support of Santander Universidades, 11 technical students will receive a scholarship of 2100 euros* to participate in the European Innovation Academy (EIA) programme.

*The scholarship will support the entrance ticket to the programme worth €1600, an amount delivered directly to EIA and will support your travel to Porto (travel, accommodation and meals), worth €500.

If you accept to participate in the programme, you will have to sign a commitment declaration*, in which you understand that if you do not complete the programme by the end, you will have to pay back the full amount of the scholarship.

To be one of the candidates to the scholarship you must fill in the APPLICATION FORM (Available soon).


  • Master students;
  • PhD Students;
  • Students with an interest in the field of entrepreneurship.


The 6th edition of the EIA will take place from 16 July to 4 August in Porto city, at the Faculties of Economics and Engineering of Porto University.


  •  Applications: from April 17th to May 14th 2023 | APPLICATION FORM (Available soon).
  • Road2EIA – May 3rd | 12:00pm | Civil Museum | Applications here
  • Analysis of Applications: May 15th 2023
  • Announcement of results: until May 19th 2023


  • Regulation of EIA@IST_2022 (available in portuguese)
  • *Commitment declaration (available in portuguese)

Past Editions

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