Técnico students awarded at European Innovation Academy event

Five of the eleven Técnico students who participated at the EIA 2023 event were part of the teams selected by the jury.

Several Técnico students were awarded by the European Innovation Academy (EIA), at the EIA 2023 event, held earlier this month in Porto. The aim of the event was to highlight the most promising ideas and projects in the area of innovation. Four of the ten highest scoring teams were composed of Técnico students. Eleven Técnico students participated in the event, five of which were part of the teams recognised by the jury.

After the preliminary application stages for the two thousand-euro scholarships that cover the costs of participating in the event, supported by Técnico and Santander Universidades, the eleven selected students were integrated into teams with colleagues from international universities during the month of July. The development of ideas was based on training and workshops given by entities such as Google, the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, over three weeks, which culminated in project presentation sessions held in Porto, at the beginning of August, where five members of the “initial eleven” saw their efforts recognised.

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