Santander Foundation awards Técnico students and student groups

This Tuesday, March 28, the Santander Foundation awarded several scholarships to Técnico students and student groups.

The Santander Foundation awarded several Técnico students, student groups, professors and researchers at a ceremony held on March 28, Alameda campus.

The President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, highlighted the “successful long-lasting” partnership with Santander. Rogério Colaço also stressed the support provided by Santander during the pandemic, namely the preparation of kits.

“This ceremony is very important because it marks the joint work” that has been done, said engineer Marcos Ribeiro, from Santander.

The first scholarships awarded were the PAX-IAX scholarships, which provide support to partial sabbatical leaves abroad for Assistant Professors and Auxiliary Researchers at Técnico, on their tenure-track period. Professor João Ramôa Correia, the coordinator of Técnico’s Mentoring Programme, highlighted the importance of these scholarships at the beginning of the faculty’s early career. Fábio Fernandes, professor at the Department of Bioengineering, also underlined the importance of scholarships and shared his personal experience at Prague University.

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