IST Técnico Lisboa Launch Pad


The “IST Técnico Lisbon Launch Pad” is an opportunity to bring the entrepreneurial community to Técnico, this time to celebrate the 3rd Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week. In addition to an exhibition of entrepreneurial initiatives by some student groups, there will also be two ignition moments. The first, by João Vasconcelos, with the latest news from the business incubator “Startup Lisboa”. The second, about the life in YCombinator, a startup accelerator, told in the first person by the founders of Unbabel. As usual there will be some time set aside for conversation and refreshments.

Launch date: May 8th, 2014

Launch site: Salão Nobre, Campus Alameda, Instituto Superior Técnico


17:00 Pad preparation and flight instructions

18:00 Launch 1 ignition – Startup Lisboa Comes to Tecnico

18:45 Pad cooling

19:00 Launch 2 ignition – Unbabel: Life inside YCombinator

19:45 Pad cleanup

Free event, but requires registration in:

Launch Control Center

  • Hacker school
  • Junitec
  • Unbabel
  • LLP
  • Startup lisboa
  • BEST
  • Bitalino
  • Neecist

Launch 1

  • Launch Director – João Vasconcelos
  • Payload – Startup Lisboa Come to Tecnico

Launch 2

  • Launch Director – Vasco Pedro
  • Payload – Unbabel: Life inside YCombinator