Técnico Expands Partner Network through Collaboration with Vanguard Properties

A construction sector company has become the 25th member of the partnership network between the Technical Institute and the business sector.

On October 17th, Técnico signed a collaboration agreement with the real estate company Vanguard Properties, bringing the number of partnerships in the Técnico’s Partner Network to 25. This collaboration includes research grants, merit awards, and workshops, initiatives aimed at strengthening the research-industry link.

The ceremony was attended by the president of Técnico, Rogério Colaço. “Our strategic plan, in effect until 2030, is based on three pillars – education, research and development, and finally, what we call societal impact, which is the duty that public higher education institutions like Técnico have to contribute to the development of society,” he explained, adding that “having partners is nothing more than the instrument we created to fulfill that mission.” In his speech, Rogério Colaço also emphasized the importance of “diversifying the portfolio of companies that are part of the Partner Network,” clarifying that Vanguard Properties is the first partner of the School in the construction and housing sector with a strong innovation component.

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