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E. Awards@Técnico – 2019 Edition


E.Awards@Técnico aims to support and reward the best projects developed in Entrepreneurship Courses:

  • Technology-Based Entrepreneurship;
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer;
  • Product Development and Entrepreneurship;
  • Entrepreneurship in Bioengineering;
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science Management.



Every student who is attending Master Level Entrepreneurship Courses in this semester are candidates to get these prizes. To formalize the participation, a member of the team has to fulfill the application form and submit it in time (see Deadlines)


  • Best E.Project Award by Santander – 2000€ – 1 prize of two thousand euros
  • 2 Honorable Mentions by Armilar Ventures – 2 * 500€ – 2 honorable mentions of five hundred euros each.


  • 25 to 29 november 2019: deadline for apllications submission.
  • december 6th 2019: announcement of the 12 selected projects.
  • 19 december 2019: public session; every team will have a 3 minutes pitch followed by jury feedback. The winners will be announced in the end of the session.

Jury Panel:

A representative from Santander, a representative from Armilar and three entrepreneurs alumni from Técnico.

Winners E.Awards@Técnico – 2019 Edition

Award Project Team
Best E.Project by Santander Vienna Ricardo Espadinha; Carlos Silva; José Correia; Gonçalo Santos; Aditya Vikram Jain
Honorable Mention by Armilar New Shore Gonçalo Fernando; Rosanna Huchzermeier; Beatriz Leitão; Sofia Dornellas; Diana Marques; Rita Gonçalves.
Honorable Mention by Armilar Louise_Braille Learning Device Miguel Marques; Gabriel Viana; João Barros; Manuel Aires; Davis Gouveia; Pedro Gouveia.


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